Now that the sanding is done the floor is ready for the finish to be applied. If the floor is to be color stained that would be done now. If the floor is to remain natural as in this photo a water base primer/sealer is applied first. Then 2 final finish coats of  a water based polyurethane in whatever sheen you prefer is applied giving you a very nice 3 coat system that will look beautiful for years. This photo use a semi-gloss in case you were wondering.

After the floor is made as flat as possible with the drum sander the edges are done with a smaller sander designed to get right up next to the trim so you don't have to remove it all. The whole process is repeated using a finer grit of sandpaper working towards the final product. This is the point most competitors would apply the finish. I however am much to picky for that (ask anyone who knows me). I then do another multi step process with a special finish sander using several more finer grits of paper. All of the edges and corners are detailed by hand and one final "blending" with the finish sander over the entire area is completed using an even finer sandpaper grit. At this point the floor is so smooth my shoes squeak as I walk on it. This additional step is very time consuming but the results are amazing!  I still get excited after this step on every floor because I know how happy you will be with how beautiful your floor is and you will see how much pride I take in my hard work for you.


First the floor is prepared by cleaning all debris and removing staples, protruding nails etc. It is really quite a multi process project. If any repairs are needed such as filling existing holes from pipes, cable lines and such that is done now. The main machine used first is the drum sander. It is very heavy and can remove the surface quickly. My drum sander is set up to be used with a DUST CONTAINMENT SYSTEM. What that consists of is a cyclone assembly affixed to the drum sander with a vacuum hose which is in turn connected to a collection barrel that accumulates all of the material sanded from the floor. This keeps the floor sanding job very clean as it keeps fine dust from accumulating all over your nice clean home. This is just one part of the process that sets me apart from my competitors. Most people are amazed at how clean my whole process is and I am sure that is why I am one of the most recommended floor contractors in the area.